Don't Pay Any Landlubber to Do Your Tattoo

Don't Pay Any Landlubber to Do Your Tattoo

Hire us to design your custom tattoo

Our tattoo artists have a ton of experience designing beautiful, unique tattoos based off customer ideas. Your idea or ours, from mild to wild, we can do it all.

Cutthroat Tattoo artists are experienced in a wide variety of tattoo styles, and our tattooing methods are completely sanitary. We use universal precautions to ensure customer safety and cleanliness. We use sterile equipment and new needles for every customer.

Whether you want a tiny quote tattooed on your ankle or a landscape inked across your back, we can do it. You’ll love your completed tattoo when you leave our shop. Contact us today for your FREE Consultation.

Call 337-330-2070 today to discuss your tattoo ideas and our safety procedures.

4 tattoo don'ts

Don't spend all your doubloons on bad artwork. Cutthroat Tattoo keeps all hands on deck during each tattoo session to make sure we complete your tattoo accurately.

Keep these tips in mind after you get your tattoo:

  1. Don't remove your bandage immediately
  2. Don't run water directly over your fresh tattoo
  3. Don't pick any scabs that form
  4. Don't expose your tattoo to bright sunlight

Come to us for your next tattoo. The needle is our cutlass, and we wield it as expertly as any pirate would.