Don't Ignore the Siren Call of a New Piercing

Don't Ignore the Siren Call of a New Piercing

You can count on our piercers for clean piercings

If you’re looking for a body piercing shop that offers affordable, safe piercings, look no further. Cutthroat Tattoo offers trustworthy body piercing services.

If you need ear, lip, eyebrow or nipple piercings, we can do it. We also offer orbital, tragus, rook, forward helix and industrial piercings, as well as many other piercings.

Our piercing process is safe and sterile from beginning to end.

Don’t wait another day. Visit our tattoo and body piercing shop to get the body piercing you want.

5 steps to follow after your body piercing

We're old salts when it comes to body piercings. We'll explain the proper care for your new piercing before you leave our shop.

Follow these steps to make sure your piercing heals correctly:

  1. Don't fiddle with your new jewelry
  2. Don't remove your piercing until your scheduled time
  3. We recommend H2Ocean, a line of aftercare products
  4. Avoid swimming while your piercing is healing

Contact us today to schedule your body piercing.